Professional Services

B-Scada is ready to assist your team with system design, drafting functional specifications, writing custom controls, extending Status for customized functionality, and other custom development needs. We have dedicated professionals available to assist either remotely or onsite to help you meet your project needs.

Screen & Graphics Design

B-Scada's graphic designers provide graphic and screen design expertise. We have also been tasked to create customized .NET and HTML5 controls, and produce 3D models of equipment and machinery for use in mimics.

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Custom Datasources

Status was designed from the ground up to be extensible. Numerous companies have written custom data sources or asked B-Scada to create custom data sources to provide their real time data into Status. Whether you have custom sensors, web services or a proprietary method of delivering real time data, we can assist in generating a Status compatible data source for your process information. Data sources compatible with Status can then participate in alarming, logging, remote web access, calculations and all of the other functionality offered by Status.

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OPC Server Development

B-Scada is a member of the OPC Foundation and has extensive experience with OPC DA and OPC UA. We can provide the expertise to develop a OPC server for your proprietary data source. This data source will then be interoperable with Status, and software packages from other OPC member companies.

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Custom Development

B-Scada specializes in developing world class visualization software. We have experienced .NET developers available to assist in extending your Status projects with custom functionality, or augmenting your deployment system with custom utilities and applications as needed.

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