Status Machine Edition Preview

Status Machine Edition

Status Machine Edition is an easy to use HMI/SCADA data monitoring system designed for quick results. Design, connect and view your real time data in minutes. Click here for a Video Overview. You can also learn more about Status Machine Edition and what it can do for you by taking a look at the latest brochure.

Real Time, Real Easy®

Binding to Real-Time Data

With Status Machine edition anyone can create modern, compelling HMI screens for Windows or the Web without having to write a single code. Simply drag one of our many controls from the toolbox to the design surface. Select a data item to bind to from the data binding tab, and click bind. It's that easy.


Status Machine Edition can be used display real time data from OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC HDA, OPC AE, and OPC XAML DA Servers. Data can also be brought in Status from ODBC databases. Custom data sources can be written allowing data to come from almost anywhere. B-Scada offers OPC Servers for hundreds of devices and interfaces.

Through interoperability testing, connectivity has been tested with the OPC Servers of many companies.

Web Accessible

Silverlight Compatible

Status Machine Edition publishes to Microsoft Silverlight, a powerful platform for creating interactive user experiences on the web. Silverlight is a browser plugin supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Silverlight is by far the most sophisticated web technology available today.


.NET Support

Although complex Status Machine Edition applications can be created without programming knowledge, Status was designed from the ground up to be fully customizable and extensible. Status projects are formatted using Microsoft Visual Studio C# and Visual Basic. Projects can be extended in Visual Studio 2010 or better using the full power of .NET and maintain their compatibility with Status.

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