Vertical Markets

B-Scada has provided SCADA and HMI solutions for a wide range of industries, and the list continues to grow. Our Status products are designed to be employed for any process that involves monitoring and controlling real-time data. As SCADA's popularity grows, so too does the number of ways in which it can be used. In fact, any system with updating information is a candidate for a Status deployment. Here is a list of some of the ways in which you may see Status in action.

Building Automation

Building Automation

B-Scada's Status products allow you to quickly and easily create graphical views of your building monitoring and control systems, and attach those views to real-time data. Use a common Web-enabled interface to integrate facility functions such as HVAC, lighting, energy, security, fire and elevator – giving maintenance personnel and other operators an efficient way to monitor and control key operating parameters in multiple facilities from a single location. Trend control gives visibility to real-time data trends and allows operators to be proactive vs. reactive in their decision-making.

HMIs designed in Status can be run on Microsoft Windows clients running XP SP2 or later or in Web browsers via the Internet or an intranet.

Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Status products provide water and wastewater processing organizations powerful real-time data visualization tools to display, monitor and control all areas of the process. By integrating otherwise independent applications in a shared visual environment, organizations see savings in applications development, operational workloads, and quality improvement, while bridging the gap between IT, management and the individual water facilities.

An intuitive, real-time HMI allows you to efficiently monitor, control and report on operations from a single location, connecting remote locations with secure and reliable networking technologies like LAN, WAN, and the Internet.

B-Scada's data visualization solutions can benefit water and wastewater industries of all types: sanitation systems, water utilities, municipalities, distribution, filtration, desalination, remediation, etc.


SCADA for Manufacturing

B-Scada's Status products give manufacturers powerful data visualization and monitoring tools that can virtually eliminate the information gap between management and the production floor, while simultaneously reducing applications development time and operational costs. Status makes it easy to monitor and control multiple shop floor processes from a single location with immediate visibility of data trends, making it easy to anticipate potential problems.

With proper security through your IT network, Status makes it easy to monitor and control data available using built-in connectivity to various data sources.

Status publishes projects that can be viewed directly on a Windows client, or can be viewed in a variety of Web browsers. Managers and operators alike will become more efficient with access to data across a corporate intranet or the Internet. B-Scada's SCADA solutions can benefit manufacturing processes of any type: manufacturing assembly, robotic welding, paint shop, material handling, testing, and more.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Organizations involved in transportation and logistics have found tremendous success implementing B-Scada's data visualization solutions. Operators can control scheduling, cargo distribution, fuel consumption, and operate signals and switches. A single HMI can be used to monitor vehicle routing, equipment maintenance, weather conditions, and more. Configure alarms to alert you to changing conditions or potential problems. Status provides a full-service solution for organizations in the transportation sector. Whether you're moving people, products, or both, having an intelligent centralized interface for monitoring and managing your data can make a big world seem much smaller.

Status solutions can be deployed to manage supply chains, mass transit systems, railway systems, or any transportation system that requires continuous access to real-time data.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Power Transmission & Distribution

A utility company's transmission and distribution system affects hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people every day. It is hardly acknowledged when working correctly, but extremely obvious when it malfunctions. Status provides a near perfect set of tools for controlling and monitoring utility transmission and distribution processes. Monitor usage, service requests and repairs. Attach surge conditions to alarms to catch them before equipment is damaged. Remotely detect meter tampering and power diversion. Depending on the capabilities of the equipment in place, the possibilities for remotely monitoring and controlling the power grid are nearly limitless.

Many utility companies large and small are using HMIs designed decades ago for older equipment and with limited understanding of high performance standards. Status is ready to bring your data visualization into the 21st Century.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Enterprise Data Management

Status is a useful and powerful tool for managing and controlling industrial processes, but it is also a useful and powerful tool for managing all types of information. Track financial information, human resource information, and client data. Create and review forms like Purchase Orders and Change Requests. Status offers a full service data visualization solution for organizations of all types.

Create compelling and functional visualizations of your data with ease. Choose the information you want to see and the way you want to see it. Access your data at any time on a Windows system or via the Internet or an intranet.

Status empowers you to manage your data the way you want it to be managed.



When working with living systems, having access to reliable and accurate real-time data is essential. B-Scada's Status products provide the sophisticated tools required to monitor and control data in biotechnological processes. As these industries are ever-evolving, having a scalable, customizable data visualization solution can significantly reduce the need to frequently update software. Status makes it easy to modify your process controls and HMI screens to keep up with the advance of knowledge and technology.

Pharmaceutical production, biological engineering, and other biotechnological processes can benefit greatly from a Status deployment.



Oil, gas and petrochemical companies need to be able to easily manage their daily operations while adhering to regulatory requirements. B-Scada's Status data visualization products can be customized to meet an individual business’s needs, providing a way to effectively monitor and manage the operation from a centralized location.

Monitor and control geographically isolated well heads, pumping stations and cooling towers, etc. all from a single location. By linking individual applications together in a more cohesive operations management environment, savings are possible in areas from application development to pipeline distribution.

Status has built-in connectivity to various data sources and is easily extended to bind to any data source available through your IT network with proper security. HMI/SCADA solutions can also place significant demands on bandwidth. Status allows you to access your visualization solutions via the Internet or an intranet, thereby ensuring that your data can be accessed whenever it's needed.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Status is a powerful software design solution for your digital signage display needs. Using Status, companies can display meaningful real-time information such as sales or manufacturing figures from their SCADA systems, cycle a series of messages generated for corporate visitors, internal training or other employee messages, or display web-based feeds such as stock market data, weather, news and more.

Optimize your communications with Status. Present your message on any type of display including plasma or LCD screens, digital billboards or kiosks, and remotely control from across the aisle or across the globe. Status allows you to more efficiently manage and deliver your digital signage content, saving you time and money.

Status is the perfect solution for digital signage applications in areas such as corporate communications, education, tourism, retail, financial services, restaurants, conferences, etc.