B-Scada Customers

B-Scada has provided licensing and/or technical training and consultation to organizations of all sizes; from government agencies and small businesses to industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies throughout the world.

Recognizing the unique capabilities of B-Scada software and our development teams, multiple Fortune 500 companies have adopted portions of our technology to use in their industrial product offerings.

B-Scada systems are deployed in more than 20 different countries, with authorized resellers located worldwide. Our systems are increasing employee efficiency and productivity, reducing unscheduled downtime and increasing safety in various vertical markets including EPA monitoring, Building Automation, Electricity Distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing, and many others, with new deployment opportunities opening up every day.

Whether you are looking for a SCADA product, training, consultation or design, B-Scada is committed to remaining as receptive and responsive to our customers’ needs as ever. We appreciate any and all feedback we receive as we continue to grow and strive to better serve our customers. In a very real way that cannot be overstated: We only succeed when you succeed.

B-Scada Customer Testimonials

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