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Remote Building Automation and Management

Today's building automation projects are more robust and intelligent than ever before. New buildings are being constructed with intelligent, connected systems in place. Old buildings are being retrofit with sensors and smart devices. To connect these old and new systems together in a meaningful way, regardless of the hardware being used and who manufactured it, you have to use the right software platform.

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Connect real-time data from lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), security, fire, elevators, sensors and other systems through a single user interface that can be accessed on any web-enabled device.

Status Device Cloud supports hundreds of potential data sources.

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Typical System Architecture

Status Enterprise System Architecture

Our open software platform allows you to integrate your systems and devices in a unified information model, providing real-time visualization, instant alarm notifications, data analysis and automation. Reduce energy usage and resource consumption while reducing maintenance costs and providing a safer, more comfortable environment for building occupants.

B-Scada's software is deployed worldwide, helping manage industrial, commercial and residential facilities of all sizes.

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Low Cost Wireless Sensors

B-Scada Wireless Sensors

B-Scada's Wireless Sensors make remote building management easy and affordable.

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"We wanted to use an application that gave us the ability to replace our current VB solutions that were monitoring and controlling our HVAC systems. B-Scada went above and beyond to answer and make sure that we were on the right path."

- SangKee, Jeo & JongBo
Systems Integrator for the Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation

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Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation

Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation

The Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation (CBF) is a government-founded nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Life Sciences research and Incubation in Korea. They provide systematic support services for business start-up, technology development, marketing and manufacturing, with the stated goal of commercializing bioscience research and cultivating a strong biotech business environment.

Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation (PDF, 5MB)

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