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Changes in industrial technology have made a major impact in manufacturing environments. The benefits of automation are obvious and plentiful. As we move toward the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 or the ‘Internet of Things’ – maintaining a competitive edge will require more than simple automation. Successful manufacturing operations will become much more data driven, with a greater emphasis on data integration and intelligence.

Status Enterprise provides a manufacturing intelligence (MI) system that embraces your entire enterprise - from the plant floor to the boardroom. Reaching all the way down to the SCADA/HMI level and all the way up to the Business Intelligence level, Status Enterprise enables faster, better-informed decisions from every corner of your organization.

A powerful information modeling engine allows you to create a logical model of your entire enterprise – including all locations, processes, equipment, documents, users, etc. Align the organization and relational structure of your data with your business goals. Include alarms, calculations and logging configurations in your model, then map the properties in your model to data from any number of external sources.

Status Enterprise empowers you to improve production efficiency and quality, reduce the cost of maintenance and operations, improve safety, and easily expand or modify your system when needed.

Status Enterprise System Architecture

Status Enterprise System Architecture

Manage inventory, improve asset performance, integrate with other systems, collaborate, and customize the process for how you and your team operate.

Whether you are working with manufacturing assembly, robotic welding, paint shop, material handling, testing, or all of the above, Status Enterprise offers unmatched power and sophistication to take your project to another level.


A powerful information modeling engine allows you to define the organizational structure of and relationships between your organization’s data, regardless of its source.


Your Information Model can contain OPC data pulled from PLCs, ODBC data from databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP, Access, etc.), calculated values, or data pulled from real time user input.


Create high performance graphics using over 100 customizable controls and an expansive clipart library. View graphics on any Windows PC or on the Web in any modern Web browser.


Real time and historical trends, real time charts and data grids for predictive analysis and optimization. Use integrated data and custom calculations to track KPI or create your own metrics.


Your Information Model is progressive. Easily add new assets or locations or add new properties to existing assets. Status Enterprise was built with your future in mind.

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