Your IoT Platform

Status Device Cloud transforms your sensor networks and other connected devices into a cohesive, intelligent, interoperable system, providing:

 Real-Time Analytics and Visualization

 Mobile Data Access

 Alarms with Email/Text Alerts

 Historical Data Logging

 Real-Time and Historical Trending

 Workflow (Automation)


Real-Time Data Integration, Analytics, and Visualization

Cloud Solutions

We will help you add connectivity and intelligence to your products and services, and provide value to your customers.

B-Scada provides the hardware and software technology needed to connect your product and/or service to the IoT. Ready to transform your brand?

B-Scada's products and services are helping bring some of today's most popular and successful brands closer to the people who use them.

B-Scada Customers

IoT Platform

Status Device Cloud is built for the Internet of Your Things. Connect and organize data from numerous sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analytics. The staff at B-Scada is ready to assist you with training, support, design services and years of experience to ensure your IoT project is success.

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Status Device Cloud Enables:

  • Deploying an IoT solution without any programming.
  • Creating high performance dashboards for any web enabled device.
  • Aggregating and organizing data from sensors, logic controllers, databases, web services, and more.
  • Access to alarms, reports, calculations, workflow and messaging.
  • Connecting to your data using REST, .NET or other languages through OPC UA.

Customers can develop their own solutions with Status Device Cloud, or have B-Scada provide the design and development resources for a world class IoT Solution.

Define Your Data Model

The Status Device Cloud IoT Platform enables B-Scada customers to have ‘virtual’ versions of their devices in the Cloud.

Solution Architecture

Data Connectivity

Connect data from hundreds of different types of hardware for real-time visualization, reporting, archiving, workflow, and other higher level functions.

Status Enterprise Data Connectors

Design Your Own Screens with our Graphics Designer

Create sophisticated applications without programming, or use your .NET programming skills to customize or extend functionality. Whatever your level of skill or technical expertise, Status Device Cloud was designed to make the IoT work for you.

Designer Image

Publish Your IoT Solution

Published Applications


Pricing for your private device cloud with all system features and development tools is $50 per month plus $0.10 per month for each property monitored. Bandwidth and data storage fees may also apply.

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Popular B-Scada Products

Management-Level SCADA

Enterprise Level SCADA Software

Status Enterprise is a modern information model based SCADA system capable of consolidating and organizing data for real-time visualization and analysis. From the factory floor to the board room, Status Enterprise can aggregate and organize data from local or geographically disperse assets and systems into a consolidated well organized information model.

Status leverages HTML 5 for Web and Mobile access and harnesses the power of OPC UA for security and accessibility.

CitiWorx Sensing Platform

Development Platform for Smart Cities

It's not just a product or service, it's a partnership.

CitiWorx is a cloud based platform developed in Microsoft Azure for developing Smart Cities solutions. Citiworx in conjunction with B-Scada’s development experience and partner ecosystem take projects from inception to completion. Delivering a Smart Cities solution is a complex endeavor, choose a partner with the technology, expertise and relationships that will guarantee success.

Operator-Level HMI

Human Machine Interface Software

Status Machine Edition is an easy to use operator level HMI system designed for quick results. Control your process, archive data, view alarms, design, connect and view your real time data in minutes.

Status Machine Edition is best used in plant floor operations where fast, direct connections from a windows client are required.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensing Hardware

B-Scada wireless sensors and gateways are shipped to you pre-configured to communicate with our cloud-based software platform, making your real-time sensor data and alarm notifications available from anywhere with a web connection.

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