Beyond SCADA

A Winning Partnership

B-Scada's management works hard to maintain the confidence and trust of our shareholders, customers, and employees. Emphasis on our guiding principles - honesty, integrity, competence, and value - is applied equally because it’s only by balancing our commitment to them that we can ensure B-Scada will continue to grow.

We focus on financial results and long-term growth for our shareholders. Our goal is to earn our shareholders a fair return on their investment. Therefore, we make every effort to use our resources wisely while meeting or exceeding commitments to our customers and employees. We build and maintain strong relationships with our customers, both internal and external. Building long-term relationships by providing quality products, excellent service and being responsive to our customers' needs is the cornerstone of a successful business.

We recognize that each customer is unique in their requirements, values and corporate culture so we tailor our solutions to include a value proposition that is distinctively for them. The key to our success is our employees. It is through them that we are able to design, develop and support our product offerings to meet our customers' needs. We encourage our employees to work as a team, think creatively and leverage their knowledge to take them to the next level. The success of the company as a whole is due to the contributions and successes of the individual employee.

Why Invest in B-Scada?

  • Increased market share through the growing demand for graphically compelling cross-platform technology in a wide-range of markets
  • Proven cost savings to our customers through the implementation of agile development methodologies
  • Single-source solution provider for user interface design incorporating development, consulting, implementation and training

B-Scada takes your privacy seriously and will never sell, rent, or lend your data to third party organizations. For more information about how your data is being used, please see our privacy policy.