Custom Data Sources

Solutions for Custom Data Sources

B-Scada's development team is ready and able to develop custom data drivers for uncommon or proprietary data sources

To allow access to your own data source, a Data Source plug-in for Status will need to be written as a .NET DLL. This component plugs into the Generic Binding capabilities of Status and allows full access to your real time data from the Model Designer, Model Browser, Application Designer or Mimic Designer. B-Scada can provide you with sample source code for this plug-in, and can provide assistance in its development if desired.

Windows projects generated from the Application Designer are published as a single .NET assembly. This assembly is hosted by the Status Server and connects directly to your data server using a custom Data Source plug-in.

Web projects are published through the Web Gateway as HTML5 web pages. This Web application can be hosted on your Web Server and accessed from a variety of Web Browsers and on different operating systems, including on mobile devices. Your project can have multiple linked screens and can connect to more than one OPC server. The Status Server communicates with your OPC Server bi-directionally.

Custom Data Sources

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