Wireless Sensing Options

B-Scada's software provides connectivity with sensing hardware from a variety of vendors, but you can also purchase your sensing hardware directly from B-Scada. Choose from B-Scada's high quality proprietary sensor line or the popular products offered by B-Scada's partner, Monnit.

B-Scada Wireless

B-Scada Wireless Sensing

B-Scada's light weight wireless sensors are designed for quick and easy installation, reliable communication, and affordability.

 Plug-and-Play Connectivity with B-Scada's Software

 Real-Time Alarms and Email/Text Notifications

 B-Scada's Dedicated Support


Monnit ALTA Sensors

Monnit's new ALTA wireless sensors are the leading enterprise-grade remote monitoring and control solution for global business.

 Compatible with B-Scada's Software

 Real-Time Alarms and Email/Text Notifications

 Support Provided by Monnit

If you are currently using sensors from another manufacturer, they may already be supported by B-Scada's software and able to be integrated seamlessly into your B-Scada solution. Contact us with any questions about hardware compatibility.