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Status Device Cloud uses OPC UA information modeling to connect and organize data from different sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analytics.

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The Status Device Cloud Platform is a Complete Solution

Status Device Cloud Brings Your IoT Strategy to Life

Bringing Products and Services Closer to the People Who Use Them

Status Device Cloud is a cloud-based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including devices, databases, web services, sensors, users and key performance indicators (KPI). The system provides a vital set of tools for remote management, alarming, automation, and reporting. Users can access the system with any mobile device or tablet with a web browser.

Status Device Cloud is built on OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and has the ability to support millions of assets through information modeling. The system includes data connectivity for thousands of devices and systems, including: OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, MQTT, Domoticz, Empress, SQL and ODBC data sources, Excel workbooks, Allen Bradley, BACnet, Modbus and Siemens S7 devices, as well as Libelium, Advantech Wzzard, and B-Scada sensors. Custom data sources can also be supported.

Prices start as low as $50/month. Click here for more pricing information

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IoT Pilot Project

IoT Pilot

Looking to create a pilot project or proof of concept for your devices in the cloud?

B-Scada will produce a pilot project customized to your business with two or three screens of live data connected to one of your devices.*

We will create your information model, connect your live data, and design your mimic(s) according to your vision and your brand.

Also included are two hours of training on the system so you can take over the project yourself and build your own solutions for your customers using Status Device Cloud.

Price: $995

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*Your device must connect to Status Device Cloud using one of the many data connectors already supported by the system. Contact us with any questions